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Glute 🍑 Pump WED 5:30 MINI Step Cardio in the gym or on Livestream ,

6a & 7p.

35-40min workout consisting of lower impact and isolated glute strength training movements and stretches.

Need: Resistance Bands in Lite, Mod, Heavy

Yoga Mat. Water.

The Posture Chain Workout You Didn't Know You Needed: Isometric and Band Exercises for Low Impact

Are you looking for a new workout that's gentle on your joints and focuses on isometric and band exercises? Try out the low-impact glute pump workout to train and strengthen your most significant asset: your glutes. You'll notice a significant improvement in both the appearance and function of your glutes.

**Request Live-Stream Access**

Glute 🍑 Pump Class Pass (June) Wed 7p

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