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These are two variants of the same Home Automation protocol. They differ in that X10.n has a distinctive start frame that carries a sequence number, the n of the protocol name, in addition to the OBC. The repeat frames, and all frames of the X10 version, only carry the OBC. The value of n runs from 0 to 15 (or some lower value) and then restarts again at 0. It is incremented on each successive keypress. A valid X10.n signal must have at least one repeat frame. If this is missing then the Misc column shows "invalid signal".


These are problem decodes because JP1 remotes don't typically learn these signals accurately enough for a correct decode. NG Prontos also do a rotten job of learning these signals. Older Prontos seem to do fairly well. DecodeIR v2.40 includes algorithms that attempt to reconstruct a valid XMP signal from a corrupt learn, but it is impossible to correct all learning errors and there can be no certainty that a reconstruction is actually correct.

The learned signal itself will certainly not be valid if any reconstruction algorithms have been applied and it may not be so even if it has been decoded without reconstruction. The possible algorithm indicators in the Misc field are as follows: 041b061a72


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