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Truck Driver Crazy Road: How to Balance Your Truck on a Bumpy Road

Truck Driver Crazy Road: How to Master the Most Challenging Driving Game

If you are looking for a driving game that will put you to the limits, you should try Truck Driver Crazy Road. This game will test your balancing skills, your patience, and your nerves as you drive through the uphill with lots of rocks and debris scattered along the rough and bumpy road. You will have to deliver all the goods complete without losing any on the way, or park your truck in tight spots without crashing. Sounds easy? Think again. This game is not for the faint-hearted. It is one of the most challenging and fun truck driving games you will ever play.

truck driver crazy road


What is Truck Driver Crazy Road?

Truck Driver Crazy Road is a 3D truck driving game that was developed by Falco Software and published by It has two modes to choose from: Delivery and Parking. In Delivery mode, you have to transport various cargoes from one point to another, across different seasons and terrains. In Parking mode, you have to park your truck in designated areas, following the arrows and avoiding obstacles. The game has 10 stages in each season and 14 levels in Parking mode, each with increasing difficulty and complexity.

Why is it so challenging and fun?

Truck Driver Crazy Road is not your typical driving game. It requires a lot of skill, concentration, and perseverance to complete each level. You have to deal with realistic physics, unpredictable weather, slippery roads, narrow bridges, steep hills, sharp turns, and more. You also have to watch your speed, your fuel, your damage, and your cargo. If you go too fast, you might lose control of your truck or drop some of your load. If you go too slow, you might run out of gas or time. If you hit something, you might damage your truck or fail the level. And if you lose all of your cargo, you have to start over.

But that's what makes this game so fun and addictive. You get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you overcome these challenges and reach your destination or park your truck successfully. You also get to enjoy the stunning graphics, the realistic sounds, and the smooth gameplay of this game. You can even change the camera angle or pause the game if you need a break or a different perspective.

How to play Truck Driver Crazy Road

Choose your mode and season

The first thing you need to do is to choose which mode you want to play: Delivery or Parking. Delivery mode is more about transporting goods, while Parking mode is more about maneuvering your truck. You can switch between modes anytime from the main menu.

Next, you need to choose which season you want to play: Summer, Winter, or Desert. Each season has different weather conditions, road surfaces, and scenery that affect your driving experience. For example, in Winter, you have to deal with snow and ice that make the road slippery and reduce your visibility. In Desert, you have to deal with sandstorms and heat that make the road dusty and dry. And in Summer, you have to deal with rain and mud that make the road wet and sticky.

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Drive carefully and balance your load

Once you have chosen your mode and season, you are ready to start driving. Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to control your truck. The up arrow or W key is for accelerating, the down arrow or S key is for braking or reversing, the left arrow or A key is for turning left, and the right arrow or D key is for turning right. You can also use the spacebar to activate the handbrake. Be careful not to press the keys too hard or too long, as this might cause your truck to skid, flip, or crash.

As you drive, you have to balance your load and make sure it does not fall off your truck. You can see how much cargo you have left on the top left corner of the screen. If you lose all of your cargo, you have to restart the level. You also have to pay attention to the time limit, the fuel gauge, and the damage meter on the top right corner of the screen. If you run out of time, gas, or health, you have to restart the level as well.

Use the camera and pause options

If you want to change the camera angle, you can press the C key to switch between different views. You can choose from a first-person view, a third-person view, or a top-down view. Each view has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the situation. For example, the first-person view gives you a more realistic and immersive experience, but it also limits your vision and awareness of your surroundings. The third-person view gives you a wider and clearer view of your truck and the road, but it also makes it harder to judge the distance and depth. The top-down view gives you a bird's eye view of your truck and the road, but it also makes it harder to control your speed and direction.

If you need to take a break or adjust some settings, you can press the P key to pause the game. You can then resume the game, restart the level, go back to the main menu, or change the sound and graphics options.

Tips and tricks for Truck Driver Crazy Road

Practice in parking mode

If you are new to this game or want to improve your driving skills, you should practice in parking mode first. This mode will help you get familiar with the controls, the physics, and the features of this game. You will also learn how to maneuver your truck in tight spaces, avoid obstacles, and park accurately. Parking mode has 14 levels with different scenarios and challenges. You can unlock new levels by completing the previous ones.

Watch out for obstacles and hazards

One of the main difficulties of this game is that there are many obstacles and hazards on the road that can slow you down, damage your truck, or make you lose your cargo. Some of these include rocks, logs, barrels, cones, fences, cars, buses, trains, planes, helicopters, animals, people, and more. You have to be alert and careful when driving through these obstacles and hazards. You also have to watch out for signs that warn you of upcoming dangers or directions. For example, a red sign with an exclamation mark means that there is something dangerous ahead. A yellow sign with an arrow means that you have to turn left or right.

Upgrade your truck and unlock new levels

As you progress through the game, you will earn money for completing each level. You can use this money to upgrade your truck and make it faster, stronger, and more efficient. You can upgrade your engine, transmission, brakes, tires, suspension, fuel tank, and cargo capacity. Upgrading your truck will help you cope with the increasing difficulty and compl


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