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Andrew Martin

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thawne took the time to tell the flash that he's gonna go to the future and make sure he doesn't destroy anything. once he realized there is a chance that he will die in the future, thawne tried to take an hour with the flash and told him to take time to be a father to iris. at the end of the hour, thawne with the flash is struck by lightning and killed.

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while working on the roof, iris tells barry about her mom and the events of the meeting at s.t.a.r. labs. barry tries to walk away but iris keeps him there. she then explains how she has to leave the future, and that she wants them to move back to the present with her. while iris is trying to make barry understand why she is leaving, iris is approached by the current time-flash, an older version of the flash. the two talk about what happened in the future and the current timeline, as well as how the future is destroyed and how the present will look like once she is gone. the two of them are then hit by lightning and killed.

caitlin then went into the lab where she was later attacked by a man-bat. she fought it off but was left trapped in the lab. thawne then told caitlin that he only went to see barry because he wanted to prevent caitlin from getting hurt, so he'd be sure she got home safely. to his surprise, caitlin told thawne that he was the first person besides barry to mention this fact. caitlin then returned home and barry arrived at her home. to her surprise, barry was in the batmobile (complete with a turret) and he later revealed that he deduced caitlin was looking for thawne and that he stopped by to investigate. barry then explained he thought he saw a future self of himself being murdered by joe and moira and also saw mark mardon. he felt, as a parent, that thawne was his son. after barry calmed down, he looked in thawne's wheelchair, finding it to be his future self's, prompting barry to accuse him of being the killer. after learning that thawne thinks cisco had something to do with the murders, barry was sure this is what thawne was thinking. [102] shortly after, a brainwashed damien began to attack and storm s.t.a.r. labs. he had cisco trace and trace his location, but could not locate him. he revealed that he was able to trace the connection due to trevor's speculations, which thawne corroborated on the monitor. after cisco demonstrated his stealth ability, thawne told him that the police were on their way and that he should leave, which he did. despite caitlin's insistence that she could handle it, thawne declined. at the hospital, cisco told thawne that damien was just his protector, but also thawne's. [102] the episode concluded with a brainwiped damien being captured by police officers. [103] original timeline: [102] [103] when the man-bat attacks caitlin, thawne charges into the lab just as he suspected. caitlin's man-bat, however, is immune to the speed, force and jerk psychological effects from the speed force. this, combined with thawne's suggestion to measure a storm, prompted max to adjust the satellite to try to get a storm that will help to catch mardon. [104] however, thawne did not know that t


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