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Buy Hawaiian Leis

Do not hesitate to contact our customer representatives for special requests or for large orders, such as graduations or weddings; and do not forget to check out our Hawaiian Wedding Flowers section for a wonderful selection of wedding leis, corsages and boutonnieres. We are happy to receive special requests for Unique Hawaiian Leis and Large Orders of Fresh Hawaiian Leis that may be entitled to a quantity discount.All Occasion LeisGraduation LeisNumber of Products to ShowView6 /Page12 /Page24 /Page48 /Page72 /PageSort Products BySortFeaturedBest SellingPrice (Low to High)Price (High to Low)Newest ItemsName (A - Z)Name (Z - A)Item Code (A - Z)Item Code (Z - A)Fresh Christina Style Orchid Lei$85.00Fresh Butterfly Lei$79.00Double Ilima and Tuberose Lei$90.00Fresh Dendrobium Orchid Haku Headband$75.00Triple Strand Braided Rope Pikake Lei$90.00Fresh Dendrobium Orchid Haku Wristlet$26.40Fresh Dendrobium Orchid Haku Anklet$26.40Fresh Ti Leaf Maile Style Lei$69.00Custom Colored Leis$30.00Fresh Double Dendrobium Orchid Lei$69.00Fresh Deluxe Dendrobium Orchid Lei$85.00Fresh Ti Leaf Single Strand Lei$29.00Fresh Ti Leaf Double Strand Lei$34.32Kika Cigar Flower Orange Lei$52.80Fresh Pikki Lei$85.00Fresh White Ginger Lei$60.00Fresh Dendrobium Orchid and Tuberose Lei$45.00Fresh Fragrant Pikake Lei$39.60Fresh Fragrant Tuberose Lei$39.00Single Plumeria Lei - set of 4 leis$120.00Red Carnation and White Tuberose Lei$36.00Men's Maile style Ti Leaf and Orchid Lei$85.80Triple Strand Pikake Lei$85.00Triple Purple Orchid and Tuberose Lei$90.00Page 1 of 2Page 2 of 2History of the Hawaiian Fresh Lei CustomThe lei custom was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by early Polynesian voyagers, who sailed the vast oceans from Tahiti to Hawaii, navigating by the stars for thousands of miles in rugged sailing canoes. With these early visitors came our beautiful lei tradition.

buy hawaiian leis

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We proudly serve customers not only Nationwide but also Worldwide and only use the finest quality of Orchid Blooms for our Leis. We offer a large selection of beautiful fresh Hawaiian Leis such as Orchid Leis, Ti leaf Leis or Kukui Nut Leis. We offer great wholesale/bulk prices for your Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Luau or any special Event. All orders are packed with the utmost care to ensure Quality and Freshness. When deciding on where to order your leis, you want to get the best deal possible in terms of quality, price and service. We believe that all Leis should be delivered in the fastest and safest way possible, so we are shipping each and every shipment with Priority overnight/Next Day Air. All shipments are guaranteed to arrive fresh, or we'll reship the order at no charge. We go above and beyond to help our customers, should there be any problem at all during the process. Order with confidence and send some aloha today!

We ordered white leis for a celebration of life memorial here on the mainland. Although the address number was transposed on the shipping label by the seller, she and I worked with the delivery company to have them come back out the same day so that we could get these beautiful babies into refrigeration. They arrived crisp and beautiful and were gorgeous on the day that we needed them. I will definitely use Pacific Leis again!

Loved the style and the non traditional colors in this lei. The lei was lovely but also not overly flowery so men still wore it happily. And talk about fresh! This was the hardiest lei we bought (other than the non-cut regular purple strand). Everyone kept the leis around for a few days after our get together, I know some used them as decoration, we put ours back in the refrigerator and enjoyed them every time we opened the door for days and days.

Bought several leis for my daughter's graduation from Pacific Leis. They were shipped to me in San Diego in a timely manner. The most hearty and everyone's favorite lei was the Manakai-OLE1. Very unique, gorgeous, long lasting and comfortable lei.

They saved our butts when one box of 30 leis was lost somewhere in FEDEX land . The company sent out a box of leis to replace the lost ones and they arrived in time and in beautiful shape. Highly recommend Pacific Leis!

We ordered 70 leis for our Hot Lava Luau in Huntington Beach, California. They came in beautiful and fresh. The customer service was amazing! We will be purchasing from Pacific Leis for all of our Luaus in the future! Thank you!!!!!

our Fresh Flower Leis are handmade using Fresh Flowers and Greenery. There are many kinds of flower leis you can choose from: Orchid Leis, Dyed Orchid Leis, Pikake Leis, Maile Leis, Ti Leaf Leis, Tuberose Leis, Haku Leis. Since there are so many emotions one can share, we offer many different styles showcasing a variety of flower leis to fit the occasion.

Choose the perfect graduation leis for your graduate including custom made leis with specific school colors. Some popular choices for guys are Maile Lei wrapped with an Orchid Lei, Ti Leaf Lei wrapped with Orchid Lei, Double Orchid Leis, Spiral Deluxe Leis and any of our Single Orchid Leis. Check out Graduation Leis, Wedding Leis and Birthday Leis for popular recommendations. Leis are a part of every important life event in Hawaii. Honor a loved one who has passed away with beautiful memorial flowers and funeral leis. Wholesale prices available for Bulk Lei Orders. All Bulk Lei orders include Free Shipping!

Melia, also known as plumeria or frangipani, commonly comes from the island of Kauai. The five-petal starlike blossom was first introduced to Hawaii back in the 1800s and is now grown commercially for leis.

However, there are many types of leis. Other popular types include money leis, candy leis, shell leis and origami leis. These leis are much less expensive than their floral alternatives and are easy to make yourself. Money leis usually consist of 100 $1 bills. Candy leis are usually made of hard candies or any type of candy that will not melt during the ceremony. Origami leis are nice because you can use colored paper that follows the school colors, you can shape them into flowers, and they will last forever.

These floss threaders are a must if you are having kids make these leis. Tie the yarn or string around the hole of the floss threader and your child will have a much easier time placing the straws and flowers on the yarn. I use these in my preschool for lacing and other neclace making activities as well.

We made these in scouts one year. Then I put on a pool birthday party and made them again but used fun foam for the flowers. The kids made their own leis to match their swimsuits. The fun foam was more durable than the paper around all the water and summer activities. Enjoy

From the 8th to 14th centuries, Polynesian voyagers from Tahiti introduced the custom of leis to the Hawaiian islands, according to Ke Ola Magazine. It's fairly easy to prove this, as leis and lei traditions were common throughout the Pacific islands. Over time, Hawaiians began their own lei traditions, which became important to sacred ceremonies and community celebrations. In addition to flowers, tradition leis have been made of feathers, shells, nuts, and animal bones. Feather leis, in particular, were adornments reserved for the ali'i, or Hawaiian royalty, according to an article in Maui Magazine.

In more recent history, the tradition of giving leis to arriving tourists began in the "boat days" of Hawaii. According to the Hawaiian Lei Company, the "boat days" for Hawaiians refers to the time between the late 1800s and early 1900s, when tourism to Hawaii first become popular. Since airplanes were barely flying the length of a football field during this time, all tourists arrived by boat. Upon arrival, vendors sold leis at the docks to welcome visitors. Orchid leis are typically given as a welcome, which popularized the flowery garlands we think of today. For good luck, it was also customary for departing travelers to throw their leis overboard. If the lei made it safely to shore, their boat would do the same.

Once signifying wealth and status, worn by Hawaiian royalty, leis have since come to represent a gesture of welcome and gratitude, a sign of respect, and a token of love. Each flower embodies the beauty and warmth of aloha, as unique and stunning as the eight islands themselves.

This party decoration doubles as a photo booth prop and a party favor that you can send home with your guests to remind them of the fun they had while attending your party. Get ideas for how to use leis and inspiration for the types of leis to have at your party.

Get everyone outside playing yard games and enjoying the nice weather as you celebrate the couple and their new little one. You can even use a luau as a gender reveal and have pink and blue leis as part of the announcement.

Nothing says tropical quite like these lime green leis. The bold color is beautiful and will be sure to delight your guests. Mix with bright pink and tropical blue leis to give guests options while still creating a bright and colorful luau atmosphere.

"I will honor the men and women who risked their lives in the name of equality on Bloody Sunday by presenting civil rights leaders with flower leis, just as Rev. Abraham Kahikina Akaka did during the third Selma march in 1965," Hirono said Thursday. 041b061a72


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