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Diablo 1 Save Game Editor __FULL__

Ladderhall.comAddendum: Diablo II 1.14 patchBlizzard changed the default save game path in 1.14 patch versions to:C:\Users\(my user name)\Saved Games\Diablo IISearch there for your character save game files

Diablo 1 Save Game Editor

A bit late but I've since found the fix. Seems hero editor is looking for a registry value for "Save Path" but the new blizzard installer doesn't install this value. Fix instructions are:1. Open Regedit as admin2. Browse to \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\Diablo II3. Add a new value (String Value).4. Call it "Save Path" and set the value to the location your save files are in eg C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\Diablo II

So I'm not sure what to do. I just downloaded diablo 2 from blizzard, and I have version 1.14. I'm trying to use hero editor for single player mode. Every time I press open on hero editor, it tells me that it cant find my diablo game. From the research that I have done, I think it has to do with the save file? I think before the patch the save file was C:\Program File (x86)\Diablo II\save\ .After the patch it got changed to C:\Users\charles\Saved Games\Diablo II\. Well I have gone into regedit under NewSavePath and I have changed the code to the first one. After I do this, I go back into the game, and I have tried making a new character and saving it. As soon as I do, the code changes right back to C:\Users\charles\Saved Games\Diablo II\. And hero editor cant find my game or my character. What am I doing wrong? Would it be easier to find a older version of diablo and download that one? If I do that, will I have a hard time with it finding my characters if it gets patched to the new version?

For a full list of contributors please see -diablo-editor-2The mod workshop located at has proven to be extremely valuable in the construction of this software.The workshop was originally created by Charlie with assistance from Jarulf.A big thanks to Zamal & Zenda for continuing to host it, and not letting it disappear.We use JUnit 4 for testing, licensed under the Eclipse Public License 1.0.

Today's Null Byte covers a simple, universal way that you can hack your game saves. However, some game saves cannot be hacked easily, because the developers will sometimes put encryption in place to prevent gamers from modifying online stats and other global statistics.

Then load the game up again with the same file and try not to make ANY changes to the game OTHER than what you are trying to tweak (which could be hard to do) but say get an extra 100 bucks and do nothing else.. save the game in the same spot.

There are two save editors on 360Haven. In addition there is an encrypt/decrypt tool along with instructions for modding the save using hex editors. There are also a number of saves that already have items that you can use to outfit your character,including plans, gems, tomes, legendary items as well as modded wpns. . Enjoy the game.

charinfo file is a cover, it used on character selection screen and portrait in chat room. It updates automatically from the charsave file. But it has several extra options like "dead", "ladder", "expansion" flags, and you will not able to play with the character if flags are not appropriate to a game mode. It can be modified using this tool

charsave file is default character format, which can be opened with HeroEditor. Just rename it to *.d2s to edit.Note that a character should be offline before editing because it overwrites by a server after game end.

I started out with just a page on the item format. However,after starting a new GUI-basedsaved game editor, and doing even more research on the "unknown"fields in the .d2s file, I discovered much more informationon the rest of the file that isn't available anywhere else. SoI'm publishing my findings.

If you have a necromancer, it is possible for you to have an IronGolem that is preserved when your game is saved and restored. TheIron Golem is based on an item. Following the mercenary item list,there will be a single byte that is 0 if there is no golem, or 1 ifthere is. If there is a golem, this byte is followed by a singleitem. Note that this appears to be available only on Expansioncharacters.

Config files hold all the customization values needed to run the game, while save files hold the in-game progress made by the player. The locations of both file types are critical for modifying the game and/or backing up progress.

The main part of the section. Like the Availability and DLC tables, the Game data table can be dynamically adjusted to only show the applicable OSes. Unlike other tables however, it needs to be used twice in an article (one for config files, another for save files). The only times this is not the case is when a game does not use save files (game is multiplayer only or uses a save system that does not rely on files. The save files table can be omitted) or both the config files and save files are in the same folder (use one table for both file types).

When playing Warcraft 3 multiplayer maps, there exists the option to save the game. The caution is given that only the original players are able to rejoin the map. I have discovered that a map saved after a disconnect does not permit them to rejoin.

The only solution obvious to me would be to edit the savegame files to add the player back in in control of their forces. How to accomplish that, or any other method of recovering a networked game will be accepted.

You should be able to edit the save file by changing the relevant player slot back to a human's. I can't give exact instructions while on a machine without the editor but there are only a few clicks involved. Check the player's menu in the editor.

The Xbox AR will work slightly differently to the ARs of old, with a PC docking station suitable for Windows 98 and beyond, which enables you to upload "Powersaves" to the custom Datel Xbox memory card. The PC software boasts the usual drag and drop functionality and a friendly GUI, apparently, and thanks to the way the USB docking station works you needn't even have the PC and Xbox in the same room - although if you're lazy enough to cheat at all your games then it seems unlikely that you'd be prepared to move from your chair that often.

Still, the Powersaves do sound quite inviting. These unofficial save games built up by Datel's programmers scour the nooks and crannies of every game for the best and most elusive bits and pieces, and new Powersaves will of course be researched and distributed for free on

Hitting readers with all the force of sumo star Akebono, the zine Giant Robot has developed a fanatic following of Asian trash-culture junkies over four issues. Attitudinal editors Martin Wong (top) and Eric Nakamura span a dizzying range of Asian and Asian-American topics. "We don't have a game plan," Wong says. "Giant Robot just seems to have a life of its own." A sampling of its latest obsessions: Hello Kitty, explosives, filmmaker Gregg Araki, and Asian culinary oddities. The zine's fractured Angeleno-meets-Asia travelogs offer a machine-gun spray of offbeat observations.

The cross dressing was to allow you to save Aeris/Aerith (dependant on which region you played) and it gave you the whole squat mini game to be able to get a wig, even though Tifa could have just done something with Cloud's natural hair InvalidMemory (talk) 04:22, September 22, 2013 (UTC)

Why? I've only played this game once quite a while ago so a blatant reason could be explaned but why exactly to the protagonists go to the trouble of ruining Shinra's plans to save the world? I know they'd be a little bit angry at Shinra for thew hole execution thing but really their efforts could have been a lot more focused towards getting into the North Crater. Is there any explicit reason stated in game as to why the party is so intent in stopping Shinra doing something good for once? Oni Dark Link 11:33, December 14, 2011 (UTC)

There are also consistency errors throughout. The Contents lists the "Dragon Slayer" as one of the classes, but all of the text in that section concatenates it into the single word "Dragonslayer". The Beastmaster text lists "blowgun" and "hand-claws" as weapon proficiencies, yet the text box with the game stat information for those weapons lists "Blow Gun" and "Hand Claws". These are common continuity mistakes made by frequent revisions. A proper editor would look for continuity, and find these easily.

The tweak below allows for tweaking or disabling Nagle's alogrithm. Disabling "nagling" allows for very small packets to be transferred immediately without delay. Note that disabling Nagle's algorithm is only recommended for some games, and it may have negative impact on file transfers/throughput. The dafault state (Nagling enabled) improves performance by allowing several small packets to be combined together into a single, larger packet for more efficient transmission. While this improves overall performance and reduces TCP/IP overhead, it may briefly delay transmission of smaller packets. Keep in mind that disabling Nagle's algorithm may have some negative effect on file transfers, and can only help reduce delay in some games. To implement this tweak, in the registry editor (Start>Run>regedit) find:


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