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meet bianca hopes

"The B" 

Hey, hey! I'm Bianca Hopes, aka "The B".  I'm so happy you landed here, on my site, so let me tell you a little bit about who I am and why I do what I do.  Like many of my clients, I was overweight.  Trust me, I know what its like to wake up everyday feeling depressed about your weight and saying "today will be the day I do something about this".  It may have taken a while for me to get there, but eventually I got fed up with being overweight, tired, and depressed enough to finally do something about it.  This is how I know that true change is possible for my clients as well.  


Since completing my own fitness transformation, I have dedicated my life to helping others achieve their fitness goals; both big and small.  It all starts with changing your mind and refusing to give in to the story that you can't do it, you're too far gone, or nothing ever works for you.  That's all bull$**t and if you can commit to a new narrative about yourself, then you already have the armor you'll need to weather this process.  No matter where you are on your fitness path, I promise you, you can do this.  I'd like to work with you to achieve the impossible together.  You've got this, so lets get it! 

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Bianca Hopes



my transformation

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I think my one of my most significant  transformations has been my own, but I also have several clients who were also able to see clear differences in their body and in their habits once they fully committed to the process.  Are you ready for your transformation?

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